Information Centre

Information Centre Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.00am to 3.30pm
Friday: 8.00am to 3.10pm
Interval and lunch time.


Our staff are skilled, experienced and willing to assist you with your reading or research needs.
  • Librarian: Tina Watson
  • Library Manager: Letty Walmsley
  • Library Assistants: Tania Aimers & Carole Stewart


The Information Centre is a busy, shared, valuable resource.  To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy an environment conducive to reading and research the following expectations of staff and students are held:
  • Speak in a hushed voice.
  • Move quietly around the Centre.
  • Bags are not to be taken in to the Information Centre.  Please leave the in the lockers in the foyer.
  • Class are to line up outside main doors until their teacher arrives.
  • Computers are for research and study - no games or surfing.
  • Manners matter - show courtesy and respect to library staff.
  • No Games on the Computers, if caught you will be asked to leave.
  • Gas lift chairs are for computer uses only.
  • Leave the Centre tidy
  • Chairs returned to tables and pushed in.
  • Computer logged off - please DO NOT shutdown.
  • Books, magazines etc not required for issue are to be returned to their shelves.

Circulation Information

All students can issue 4 books at one time.
You will be issues the books for 2 weeks (if you have not finished with the book by then you can bring it back and renew it for a further 2 weeks).

If there is a book you would like to read and it is out, you canask the librarian to place a reserve on it.Once this book comes in your name will be posted on the window to advise you it is available for you.

Overdue books
Students will be reminded by their form teachers of overdue books once a month.However if these books do not get returned, a letter will be sent home to your parents/guardians requesting it be return. Failure to return the book will result in you school account being bill for the replacement cost of this lost book.