Sport Draw

Sports draws are placed up here upon being received from sports organisations. They can also be found outside the sports office at Taieri College.   
Thursday 21 March Oval Touch (Year 7-8)
Taieri Purple vs Tahuna Kiwi Field 6 5.15pm
Taieri Blue vs Balmacewan Thunder Field 9 5.15pm
Taieri Gold vs Balmacewan Cyclones Field 12 5.15pm
Thursday 21st March Futsal (Year 9 - 13)
Taieri College Year 10 Blue v  OBHS Gold, Ct 6, 4:30pm
Taieri College Year 10 Yellow default to   JMCG 9 & 10
Taieri College Senior Blue v Kings Snr Theta, Ct 9, 5:30pm
Thursday 21st March  Water Polo - Year 7 & 8
Remember your entry fee at Moana pool
4:00     Taieri College     v DNI Black 
Duty 4:25 
6:05 Taieri College v  DNI Red
Friday 22nd March
Water polo Year 9 -13
4:00        LPHS v   Taieri College Senior       
4:25     Taieri College Junior v KVC           Duty 4:50            
Friday 22 March
Volleyball Edgar Centre - $3.50 Entry
Mini Volleyball - Year 7 & 8
Aces vs Tahuna White 4.00pm Ct 4B & Tahuna Yellow 4.30pm Ct 4B ( 2 Games)
Servers vs Kavanagh Set 4.00pm Ct 5A 
Hitters vs Tahuna Purple 4.30pm Ct 5A
Spikers vs Columba Green 4.00pm Ct 5B

Junior  - 
Junior A vs OGHS 10A 6.40pm More FM3 Duty 5.40pm 
Blue vs Bayfield Green 6.30pm Ct 4B Duty 7.15pm
Yellow vs OGHS 10 Violet 7.15pm Ct 4A Duty 6.30pm 
Green vs Columba 9B 5.45pm Ct 4B Duty 5.00pm

Monday 18 March
Volleyball Edgar Centre - $3.50 Entry
Senior A Gold vs OGHS A 6.55pm Court More FM 3
Senior B Silver vs Taieri Purple 4.15pm Court 4B 
Purple vs Taieri Silver 4.15pm Court 4B
Aqua vs OGHS Cowboys 7.15pm Court 4B
Pink vs OGHS Social 6.30pm Ct 5A 

Tuesday 26th March
Futsal (Year 7 & 8)
Taieri College 7 Blue v KVC Green, Ct 14, 4:30pm
Taieri College Yr 7 &8 Yellow v DNI Dynamites Ct107, 5pm
Tuesday 26 March 
Oval Touch - Bus Leaves at 3.45pm Sharp Be there at 3.35.
Jnr Girls vs St Hildas 10 Green Field 6 4.30pm
Jnr Boys vs  Kings Repara Kingi Field 8 4.30pm
Mixed vs St Hildas Snr A Field 5 5.00pm (St Hildas Default) No Game
Bus home will leave at 5.05pm